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Welcome to CentralBeat, the blog where chaos meets creativity! Join me on a whirlwind journey through the mishmash of my hobbies, from trying not to whittle away my fingers with wood carving, to painstakingly assembling miniature worlds in scale modeling. Ever wondered how a fishing trip can turn into a comedy of errors? Dive into my adventures on the water! But it’s not all fun and games; get ready for some serious soul-searching as we delve into Bible study, complete with apologetics debates and study tips (because who wouldn’t want heavenly help with time management?). And if you thought my life couldn’t get any more random, think again! From mastering the art of parenting to pondering the intricacies of politics and sharing the most mind-blowing internet finds, there’s never a dull moment in CentralBeat. So grab a seat, hold onto your hats, and let’s embark on this rollercoaster ride of intentional living, journaling, and the occasional existential crisis – because life’s too short to take seriously!


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Life Goals

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Act With Purpose

From plotting world domination (or just finding the perfect taco) to tackling everyday tasks with gusto, I’ll share my misadventures and triumphs as I strive to infuse every action with purpose. So grab your cape (or your favorite pair of crocs) and let’s embark on this wild ride of purpose-driven shenanigans! Welcome to my wonderland.

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Master Intentionality

Welcome aboard the Intentionality Express, where I master the art of purposeful living one slightly awkward step at a time! Join me as I attempt to wrangle my scattered thoughts, wrestle with procrastination, and maybe even learn to juggle – metaphorically speaking, of course.  Let us wander into this other dimension. 

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Finish Things

Join me on an epic quest to conquer the ultimate challenge: actually finishing what I started! From half-finished DIY projects to abandoned hobbies, I’m on a mission to see things through to the end. Follow along as I navigate the twists and turns of commitment, perseverance, and the occasional distraction. Let’s check in to this hotel, shall we?

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Truth Lighthouse

On the serious side of things, I run a website called Truth Lighthouse where you can find content to help train people on Christian Apologetics including youth curriculum.


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